ECWest opened our doors in 1995.  Over the years our company has transformed, rolled with the economic tides but always stayed focused on what’s important.   Customers first!

Proper ergonomics has always been an issue.  Understanding body mechanics, human factors and job functions in today’s work place is what we do best.  Our focus is on "Technology Driven Ergonomics". 

Companies and organizations now realize the effects technology is having on the workforce and understand the importance of developing preventative ergonomic programs that offer relief, healthier workspaces and training to employees to help them with posture, movement and provide ergonomic tools to increase their comfort.  

Happy-healthy workspaces and workers have a positive effect on the moral and are proven to increase productivity.   The “well-being” of your workforce is important to your company or organization.  The benefits of providing ergonomic tools can be measured, will save money and confirm you care about your workers. 

We offer "Ergonomics for every budget" - Specializing in quality products that are affordable and durable.   Most of our products have a 10-12 year warranty.

ECWest works hard to find ergonomic solutions, good pricing and always FREE shipping so you will have money to spare!  Give us the opportunity to earn your business. 

Thank you, 

Frank Springer, Owner

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Our product lines are:

Office Master

Founded in 1986, Office Master has grown from humble origins in San Diego to become an experienced and established seating manufacturer dedicated to serving the long-term seating needs of small and large business, institutions and organizations. From day one, our core mission and philosophy have always remained the same:  To solve everyday seating needs with our value-based, and ergonomic-focused Smart Seating Solutions.

Workrite Ergonomics

Founded in 1991, Workrite Ergonomics is an industry leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of height-adjustable sit to stand work-centers and ergonomic office accessories, including adjustable keyboard systems, flat panel monitor arms, document holders, task lights and more.