Keep stamping out your life story...

Our son, Jared Springer, is a survivor.  He's living his life thru so many challenges, physical limitations and disabilities caused by a rare brain cancer. 

Our youngest daughter, Allison, made me leather bracelet in 2016. I wear it everyday.  Recently I was trying to find things Jared can do at home for in-home OT therapy.  I looked at my bracelet Allie made me and that’s all it took.  So I ordered Jared some leather stamping tools and set up a work-table in his room.

We’re all born with 2 hands and it makes things like this easy.  Nothing’s easy for Jared but when we help him he has an advantage because together we have three working hands.  Jared stamped out his first bracelet with and for Molly his aide.  Made me happy just watching him and Molly put their three hands to work and it was fun for them.

They might not look perfect or be lined up just right because of Jared’s disabilities and his double vision from his brain cancer but they will be his to create and to me that makes them even better than perfect.

Everything Jared does, especially the things he wants to do, is hard work for him but he puts his whole heart into it.  The first mark he stamped on a wristband was a heart... Jared has learned to adapt, still be creative, he never complains, never quits and usually has a huge smile on his face. 

Growing up Jared's Mom, Lori, always said he was a strong willed child. Today that strength has helped him overcome so much, too much for any kid to have to go thru. 
In 2014 Jared spent 5 months in the hospital, in a coma part of that time, lived thru brain surgeries, came home in a wheel chair parlayed on the right side of his body and endured 12 months of chemo-therapy.  After years of OT, PT and ST therapy Jared has got some of his life back.  He's been able to do more than the Doctor's said he would be able to do considering the size and location of his massive brain-hemorrhage.

He’s not just tough but he’s strong and he inspires me to be a better man.  We love you Jared!

Stamped by Jared