Keep Stamping out your life story... Jared's Journey

Our son, Jared Springer, is a brain cancer survivor.  He keeps living his life thru everyday challenges, brain-deficits, physical limitations and many disabiliteis.

Jared has done more then any of his Doctor's said or ever imagined he would be able to do considering the size location of his brain hemorrhage.  After coming out of a coma in 2014, living thru the surgeries, 12 months of chemo and years and years of therapy Jared has got some of his life back. 

Growing up Jared's Mom, Lori, always said he was a strong willed child. Today that strength has helped him learn to overcome so much.

We never know how strong we are until being strong is our only option.  Everything Jared does is hard work for him but he always puts in the effort, keeps smiling and he never complains, never quits. 

He’s not just tough but he’s strong and he inspires me to be a better man.